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About Us

Children’s Fashion Brand

Kynn + Co, formerly known as Mommy’s Little Sunshine, started out as a family Blog. The owner, McKinli Hatch, used this blog to document life moments of her children. After popularity grew on the blog, she knew she had the opportunity to turn it into something more. She started with a small Etsy shop, hand-making all the items on her website.

Popularity didn’t stop there, the shop became so in-demand that she had to outsource some of the process from her ‘one man show’. It has since grown to Kynn + Co, a trendy place to shop for your mini fashionista! McKinli gets most of her inspiration from dressing her own daughter. She wants other moms to have an affordable, yet adorably cute place to shop for their children in the comfort of their own home (because we all know how fun it is to shop in public with your kids)!
McKinli Hatch is still very hands on with the business hand-picking every item you see on the site and double-checking all the small details that make the shop unique, yet she enjoys spending the majority of her time with her family. She is married with four kids!

Our Promise

At Kynn + Co we are consistently maintaining our dedication to our customers through providing quality, one of a kind products that we can stand behind!